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LetsFeelGreat Launches Free Web Advertising Network

Online business are being given the opportunity to promote their websites for free via the LetsFeelGreat free online advertising network. With the increasing cost of online advertising, LetsFeelGreat continues to help business through the recession with the introduction of reciprocal advertising.

Birmingham, UK, August 26, 2010 - As part of a continued effort to help local business through the recession, LetsFeelGreat has launched a free online advertising network. This is not a 'free trial' and there is no paid 'premium' services. The free advertising network is completely free for members to use. The network allows members to create an unlimited number of adverts for display across the network whilst also providing free search engine optimisation via the advert links. The free online advertising network is a free reciprocal advertising network. Members place an advert panel on their website and earn credits for each advert displayed via the panel. Those credits are then used in return to show member adverts on other websites across the network. Each month members will also be given the opportunity to boost their credits using a voucher code available via the LetsFeelGreat Free Advertising Network Facebook page.

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